Almejas salteadas al toque de ajo y perejil

Sautéed clams with a touch of garlic and parsley

This September we want to help you with your goals of eating well and better! For this reason, our chef Amercook has come up with these delicious recipes that we will show you week by week. The first of them? Clams with a touch of garlic and parsley. A simple but very healthy dish and above all... easy to prepare!

Here is the chef's recipe for sautéed clams with a touch of garlic and parsley.


To do this, we mix white wine and lemon juice. In a separate bowl, emulsify the chopped garlic and parsley along with a little olive oil until everything is combined.

We put the clams in our jungle green COLORS pan and drizzle the wine and lemon mixture over the top. When the alcohol has evaporated and the clams have cooked, add the parsley and garlic sauce.

We add a touch of paprika at the end of everything so that it doesn't burn and we decorate with some lemon slices... Ready!

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