Dos recetas para aprovechar la parte verde de hortalizas

Two recipes to take advantage of the green part of vegetables

– By Pablo González, 2 Michelin star chef

For me, the green parts of onions, chives, leeks or garlic that we usually cut with a knife and automatically discard are the most interesting and we can also take full advantage of them in the kitchen.

From now on you will think twice before throwing them away as they can be used to prepare broths, vegetable stir-fries and woks or even salad dressings.

With them we will achieve subtle flavors typical of each variety of vegetable while taking advantage of all its nutrients and vitamins 😄

Cooking using onion leaves

Chives for sautéing

Preparing this part of the onion is super simple and will give us flavor and a point of distinction in our dishes:

– Cut the green stem of the spring onion or spring onion.
– We submerge it in water and rub it gently with our fingers to remove any possible dirt.
– We cut the stem finely so that we have some rings left.
– Now, we simply have to add a little virgin oil to our pan and sauté them with a little salt.
-This way we would have our green part of the chives ready to be incorporated into one of our dishes.

Rice salad, marinated salmon and spring onion stem

INGREDIENTS: Rice, cilantro, chives, chive stem, diced tomato, salmon marinated in salt, extra virgin olive oil.


– Cook the rice for about 18 minutes, cool it with plenty of cold water, drain it and place it in a bowl.
– Chop cilantro and chives and add them to the rice.
– With the rest of the onion that we have left after using the stem, we sauté it in a pan very slowly until it caramelizes and we add it to the rice.
– We cut a tomato into small cubes, removing the seed and leaving only the fleshy part. We add it to the rice.
– For the marinated salmon , the first thing we will do is freeze it for at least 4-5 days. Once thawed, we will cover it with salt for 15 minutes. Once the time has passed, we clean it by removing the salt and once it is very clean we cut it into squares that we will add to the rice.
– Finally we will add our sautéed green onion stem , a few drops of virgin oil and salt.

And so we conclude our salad of use in which we waste nothing.

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