Revisión del clásico canapé de salmón de Navidad

Review of the classic Christmas salmon canapé

– By Pablo González, 2 Michelin star chef

What do you think if we give the classic salmon canapé of our Christmas dinners a twist?

The salmon canapé is a classic that has become a hit on our tables due to its easy preparation and its rich flavor. Today we wanted to give it a modern twist with which we will get a magnificent different and fresh canapé with a flavor that will surprise our guests.


For the base of this canapé we have chosen a brioche bread that is made with butter.

Step 1: We cut the bread into squares the size that fits in our mouths in a single bite, removing the edges. Once cut we place them on a plate.

Step 2: For the caviar substitute butter, we temper the butter until it becomes creamy, place it in a blender glass or inside a food processor and add the caviar substitute. We blend until we have a homogeneous mixture and the butter emulsifies (almost like an aioli). This way we will be able to give it flavor and a soft and very pleasant texture.

Step 3: For the salmon we will use the loin part of the fresh salmon, which we will previously freeze to avoid problems with anisakis . We cut the salmon into slices 0.5 cm thick and of a size that fits into the bread that we have previously cut.

Step 4: We cut the typical sushi nori seaweed that they sell in any supermarket into sheets with the knife so that it is in the form of noodles, as fine as we can.

Step 5: Now we only have to assemble our sofa with which we have fused several cultures such as Asian and French. We place the salmon on the brioche bread, we put the emulsified butter on the salmon and we finish by adding a few nori seaweed noodles.

And just like that, in five steps we have this super canapé, so delicate but with great flavor!

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