Copa de helado con manzana y tofi

Ice cream cup with apple and toffee

😍 Give free rein to your sweet tooth with this delicious dessert designed by our chef Amercook. A delicious cup of vanilla ice cream with a touch of roasted apple and toffee! Perfect to treat yourself this summer.
✴️ Steps
We peel the apple and cut it into small squares. We fry it in a Terracotta casserole and add the sugar. We pour a little brandy and flambé. Then we put the casserole in the oven until the apple is golden. On the other hand, we add butter and sugar to our Excellenca saucepan over low heat until we get a delicious caramel. When it is golden, add the whipping cream and gently integrate until it becomes a shiny toffee. We put the toffee, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the apple in a glass and add toppings to our liking. Ready!
Many thanks to Óscar's Kitchen at Pastelería DOS18 in Valls (Tarragona) for their help in coming up with this recipe.
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