Recetas de Semana Santa: flan de queso curado con caramelo

Easter recipes: cured cheese flan with caramel

– By Pablo González, 2 Michelin star chef

🍮 Flan is one of those typical preparations of these dates that have withstood the passage of time the most.

It is believed that its history dates back to BC, when the Romans began to domesticate chickens and began to introduce eggs into their recipes. If all this teaches us anything, it is that traditional cuisine, no matter how simple it is, always triumphs! 😋


2 eggs, 150 g of whole milk, 12 tablespoons of condensed milk, 10 g of grated sheep's cheese.

Optional: liquid caramel: 100 g sugar, 20 g water.


This will be one of those recipes that will save you from that dinner that you didn't remember about dessert or got to.
home with a craving for sweets.

  • First of all we are going to start with the liquid caramel: we add the water and sugar to a glass container.
  • We cook in the microwave for approximately 3 minutes (in each microwave it can vary so be sure to watch it to avoid overflowing)
  • We pour the caramel into the base of the container where we are going to cook the flan.
  • For the flan we start by beating the eggs.
  • We add the milk, condensed milk and cured cheese to the eggs.
  • We pour it into the container where we have the caramel.
  • We cook in a bain-marie for approximately 20 minutes , depending on the mold used.
  • We let it cool, unmold it and we have our fantastic egg flan and cured sheep's cheese.


We follow the previous recipe but as a final touch we place a few cubes of quince paste around the flan. Then, we arrange the walnuts on top of the flan.

Finally, we wet the flan with a splash of muscat wine, leaving us with a delicious sauce.

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