Langostinos con mayonesa de soja y kikos

Prawns with soy mayonnaise and kikos

– By Pablo González, 2 Michelin star chef


Prawn is a pink crustacean that is very traditional in our special meals thanks to its great flavor and easy preparation. We don't usually find it fresh in our supermarket, but we do find it cooked or cooked and frozen. It is caught in much of the world, but Spain is one of the countries where the most catches are made per year.

Today we are going to prepare an ideal recipe for those meals in which we want to impress our friends and family at Christmas dinners, with which we will not get too complicated and will give us a magnificent result. A dish with great flavor and spectacular presentation.


– Step 1: Peel the cooked prawns and thread them onto a wooden skewer. Only one per skewer, leaving the prawn closest to the end.

– Step 2: For the soy sauce, we put the mayonnaise in a bowl to which we add a little soy and stir until we have a homogeneous mixture. We should not overdo it by adding soy so that it does not become too liquid.

– Step 3: We take the skewer with the skewered prawn and pass it through the mayonnaise until all the prawn is impregnated.

– Step 4: Once coated with mayonnaise, we only have to coat the prawn with the kikos that we have previously crushed.

– Step 5: To present it and make it look spectacular, we only have to fill a glass with salt and stick the skewers in it to put them on the starter table. Ready!

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