Mini canapés de patata al gusto

Mini potato canapes to taste

😊 From the hand of Paola Freire (@ foodtropia on Instagram) come these delicious mini potato canapés with which to surprise now that family dinners and meals are approaching.

Preparing these snacks is very easy, you will only need an Excellence frying pan and:
💠 300 gr of potatoes
💠 70-80 gr of grated cheese
💠 salt and pepper
💠 oregano
Toppings to taste: cherry tomatoes, serrano ham, figs, mozzarella or parmesan, fresh basil...
A trick so that the grated potato can be easily shaped is to dry it after passing it through the mandoline. You can add a bit of flour or cornstarch if you have a dough that falls apart easily.
Take advantage! 💛
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