Raíces de puerro fritas con bacon: ¡un plato inesperado!

Fried leek roots with bacon: an unexpected dish!

– By Pablo González, 2 Michelin star chef

The root of the leek is a very undervalued part but it is very rich in nutrients and minerals.

In our country, and in general throughout Europe, it is very little consumed. However, in Asia they know how to take advantage of all the parts that the leek offers and it is usually eaten fried or sautéed in delicious woks.

If you've been wanting to try what they taste like, Pablo's next recipe will surely surprise you... for the better! This Friday we show you step by step 😉


Bacon, leek, butter, leek roots.


We should look for the freshest roots because we will obtain a more pleasant texture. In this recipe you will get strands in chip format with a very pleasant subtle leek flavor.

  • You have to clean them very well and let them soak in plenty of cold water.
  • We will preheat a saucepan with sunflower oil to 180 degrees.
  • We dry the roots well. Once removed from the water, we coat them in flour, removing the excess with gentle taps.
  • Now we only have to fry them in the oil that we have preheated. When they are golden brown, we take them out of the oil and place them on absorbent paper.
  • We already have our leek root chips with which we can accompany fantastic recipes or incorporate them into our stews or purees.


Try this special and different appetizer that will take us out of our routine, where we will make the most of this vegetable.
  • We start by cutting the bacon into a small cut to poach.
  • We cut the trunk of the leek into small pieces where we will slowly sauté it in a frying pan with butter.
  • Once the leek is poached, we add the bacon and continue poaching until it begins to brown.
  • We place our fried leek roots in a bowl and put the leek and beacon mixture that we have poached on top.
  • We would simply have to take one of these with our hand and put it in our mouth. I hope you enjoy this flavorful bite!
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