A superb tasting experience

At Amercook, we believe that the best taste is something that can only be achieved by cooking with the right tools. That's why we want to offer you the best cookware for an authentic cooking experience.

Our mission is to help you enjoy cooking by making it easier, faster and more fun. Whether you're looking for a new cookware set or a cast iron skillet that will last forever (and look great in your kitchen), we have what you need!

Get to know our products
  • Paola Freire

    Su pasión por la cocina, inculcada por su abuela y su madre, la llevó a fundar Foodtropia, un proyecto donde comparte recetas saludables y fáciles de preparar. También cuenta con varios libros publicados.

  • Fran López

    Ha obtenido reconocimiento mundial, particularmente con el Hotel y Restaurante Villa Retiro, el primer hotel de cinco estrellas al sur de Cataluña, y su restaurante, galardonado con una estrella Michelin.

  • Authenticity

    At Amercook we defend the authenticity of cuisine, preserving the quality of food to achieve “a superb tasting experience”.

  • Health

    Eco-friendly kitchenware pieces, free of PFOA and with cast iron and ceramic finishes to take care of your health and that of those around you.

  • Naturalness

    Thanks to our latest generation non-stick coatings, with Amercook kitchenware you can cook almost without fat while preserving the natural flavor of the food.

  • Design

    Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we take care of the design of all our pieces down to the last detail, innovating and updating our collections year after year.

  • Professionalism

    If something characterizes us, it is the demand in everything we do. Thanks to the use of the most recent technology, the best materials and exhaustive quality control we can be 100% sure that the product will not disappoint you.

  • Passion

    Our goal is to give you a complete culinary experience and to do this we not only provide you with the best tools, but we accompany you with the passion and the unique recipes and tricks that our Foodtropia ambassador and other chefs who join us share.

Where can you find us?

Amercook products are also available in prominent chains and hypermarkets in Spain such as Mediamarkt, Carrefour, Makro and Cadena88 among others.