Strength and flavor.


The Rockstone Collection provide apan intensive use thanks to its high efficiency and durability. Designed for the most groundbreaking chefs, its original design withslate effect finish provides a unique finish achieving unmatched results with little use of oil. Its very thick aluminum base provides uniform cooking, making it the best ally for a kitchen full of flavor.

Amercook has developed a unique impact technology for its Rockstone range that offers a high performance non-stick reinforced with TITANIUM PRO particles. Our unique manufacturing process uses metal particles that enhance the strength of the product. Thanks to its hardened non-stick coating, the properties of the product remain intact for longer, extending its life and improving its results.



  • Last generation non-stick reinforced TITANIUM PRO.
  • New special slate effect interior that improves food cooking, patented by Amercook.k.
  • Stainless steel handle with long-lasting professional riveting.
  • Aluminum body of great resistance and durability.
  • Thick base, perfect heat diffusion.
  • Ecological and free of PFOA.
  • Apt to all kinds of kitchens including induction.
  • Apt todishwasher.

Rockstone (3)

Rockstone Slate Effect Skillet


Set of 3 Rockstone Slate Effect Pans


Set of 2 Rockstone Slate Effect Pans