Recover the flavor of traditional cuisine.


The Terracotta collection by pans, saucepans, casseroles, pots, woksY grills It is inspired by the pots and pots ofbaked clay Used in traditional cuisine, it allows us to rediscover the most authentic flavors of foods cooked over low heat. Its sophisticated design offers a comfortable and smooth handling thanks to its soft touch grips, with an imitation wood pattern. Its very thick aluminum base provides even cooking, since it distributes the heat evenly over the entire surface.e.

Amercook has developed a unique impact technology for its Terracotta range that offers a high-performance, five-layer reinforced nonstick. Our unique manufacturing process uses metal particles that enhance the strength of the product, creating an ultra-resistant rough finish. Thanks to its non-stick coating hardened withstone dust, keeps the properties of the product intact for a longer time, extending its life and improving its results.



  • Last generation non-stick reinforced with 5 layers.
  • Ultra resistant rough finish.
  • Non-deformable diffuser bottom.
  • Soft touch handle with wood effect.
  • Ecological and free of PFOA.
  • Apt to all kinds of kitchens including induction.
  • Apt todishwasher.

Terracotta (13)

Set of 3 Terracotta pans


Terracotta saucepan with lid


Terracotta saucepan with lid


Low saucepan with lid Terracotta


Terracotta oven casserole


Set of 2 Terracotta pans


Terracotta striped rotisserie grill


Deep frying pan with Terracotta lid


Terracotta Skillet